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Plushis 4U OnlyTM Teddy Bear is a Multi-Occasional Product that is idea to package, store, hide or conceal; Jewelry, Picture Frame, Perfume, Cologne, Fragrance Bottles, Boxed Chocolates or Candies, Intimate Clothing Garments, Keepsake Items, Car Keys, Love Notes or Letters.

Plushis 4U OnlyTM enhance presentations in giving gifts, presents, or wanting to surprise a Love One or Friend with your special gift concealed in a plush toy.  Plushis 4U OnlyTM was created for individuals giving gifts that are private, personal, and/or secret.

If you already have a Gift purchased, Plushis 4U OnlyTM is the idea product to conceal your Gift in for presentation.  Plushis 4U OnlyTM has a (6.5"L x 5"W x 2"D) Cushioned Compartment  and an Inner Secret Pocket for hiding or concealing your Gift for the Ultimate surprise!

Some Gift Ideas with

Plushis 4U OnlyTM 

Wallet Gift      

Boy with Football     

wedding gift, wedding favor, bridesmaid, wedding shower

Wallet & Key       


Autograph     Book     


Wedding Favor      


Teacher's Day Gift, Thank You, Special Ocassion, Holiday, Last Day of School     

Girl with Graduation Key inside     

Girl with heart     

Candy       Roses      

Car Keys     

Candy Heart      


Frame Gift Bag      

Intimate Garment, Honeymoon     

Mother & Daughter withJewelry     

Gift in Bag       


Intimate    Garment    





Testimonial I received Plushis 4U Only as a wedding gift from my uncle. I did not know there were two gifts stored in it and thought it was just an ordinary bear in a gift bag. I have never seen anything like your product. I luv it and will recommend this product to others.
Slidell, LA
Testimonial I purchased Plushis 4U Only for my mother’s birthday. She loves her bear with my picture and recorded message and said its better than reading a card. When she found money in the secret pocket, what a surprise!
Houston, TX
Testimonial My fiancée loves Plushis 4U Only. She was surprise to see her gift stored inside of a teddy bear with a picture and recorded private message for her eyes and ears only.
Kansas City, MO
Testimonial My wife and I gave our daughter her new car keys as a surprise for a birthday gift, by hiding it inside of Plushis 4U Only. She thought it was only a plain teddy until the second gift was revealed.
Jackson, MS
Testimonial I gave my wife Plushis 4U Only as an anniversary gift. When she found out that the gift was hidden inside of it along with money in the secret pocket, she said it was the best surprise gift ever! Thank you.
Richmond, VA
Testimonial I purchased an intimate garment to surprise my sweetheart for our honeymoon night. I placed it in Plushis 4U Only. He really thought it was an ordinary teddy bear until what he found inside.
Stone Mountain, GA
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