A Personalized Teddy Created Just 4U Only
Gift Package, Surprise Present, Teddy Bear, His or Her Gift

Gift Package, Surprise Present, Teddy Bear, His or Her Gift


A list of some items to Conceal, Store, Package or Hide inside of this Patent Pending Teddy Bear's  Compartment.


For Kids, Tweens & Teens 

Ipods, Cell Phones or Small Electronic Devices, Small Craft Work, Art Drawings or Puzzles, Sport Figure Cards, Small Jewelry Box, Girl's Perfume or Make-up, Small Dolls, Action Figures or Stuff Toys, Diary, School Picture, Autograph Book, Small Suvenirs, Personal Letters, Small Collector's Item, Small Photo Album, Small Certificate or Diploma and more!

For Ladies

Jewelry Boxes, Perfume or Fragrance, Ipods or Small Electronic Devices, Small Journal, Personal or Letter or Note, Small Family Keepsake, Collection of  Child's Early Development Years, Small Clothing  Garment or Items, Picture or Small Photo Album, Miniature Flowers, Cosmetic Case and more!

Variety of Gifts to Conceal or Store in Compartment
16" Soft Teddy Bear with
6.5" x 5" x 2.5" Compartment 

For Men

Jewelry Boxes, Cologne or Small Shaving Kits, Ipods or Small Electronic  Devices, Small Journal, Collection of Personal or Family Keepsake, Personal Letter or Note to Love Ones or Friends, Small Clothing Garment (Neck Tie, Boxers, Handkerchiefs or Socks), Picture or Small Photo Album, and more!

Other Items to Conceal 

Travel Sized Accessories, Boxed Chocolate or Candies, Car Keys, Favors Poetry or Cards, Tickets (Honeymoon, Vacation or Game), Small Bottled Drinks, Lotions or Scented Oils, Newborn Garment, Bath Essentials, Picture Frame, Small Promotional Items and more!

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Plushis 4U OnlyTM Teddy Bear enhances your presentation when giving a gift, present, or wanting to surprise a Love One or Friend by concealing your special gift in a Soft Plush Toy.  Plushis 4U OnlyTM Teddy was created for individuals giving gifts that are private, personal, and/or secret.

Visit our "Plushis Gift Specials" page to see Plushis Teddy in T-Shirts and Outfits.  Use Plushis 4U OnlyTM to see how surprise your Love One or Friend will be, once revealed that the ultimate gift is within Plushis 4U OnlyTM Teddy Bear.

Plushis 4U OnlyTM Teddy Bear is a Multi-Occasional Product that is idea to package, store, hide or conceal; Jewelry, Picture Frame, Perfume, Cologne, Fragrance Bottles, Boxed Chocolates or Candies, Intimate Clothing Garments, Keepsake Items, Car Keys, Card, Love Notes or Letters.

If you already have a Gift purchased, Plushis 4U OnlyTM Teddy Bear is the idea Plush Toy to conceal your Gift for presentation.  Plushis 4U OnlyTM has a (6.5"L x 5"W x 2"D) Cushioned Compartment  and an Inner Secret Pocket for hiding or concealing your Gift for the Ultimate surprise!

You may also be interested in our specially Designed Jewelry Holder.

Plushis Jewelry Holder

Plushis Jewelry Holder

Plushis Jewelry Holder
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Our Plushis Jewelry Holder has a Patent Pending Design with multi-functional benefits for holding, concealng or storing personal jewelry gifts. It features several openings for the placement of a Ring, Bracelet or Watch, Pendant, Earrings, Necklace or Chain. It is excellent for concealing inside Plushis 4U Only Cushion Compartment behind our Recordable Picture Frame.

Plushis Jewelry Holder also features a statement that speaks for itself "Remember My Heart Is 4U Only"

Dimensions: 6"H x 4.5"W x .5"D
Material: Soft Foam

Excellent For Special Occasions

Multiple Features & Benefits

A)  Detactable Cushion Flap: Conceals or Hide items place within the Hidden Cushioned Compartment, thus giving the impression that there is nothing inside of the Stuff Toy.

B & C)  Heart Symbol and the words 4U Only™” on its feet for those private, intimate or personal settings, which sends clear statement from you saying “My Heart is 4U Only™”

                                         D)  2 Velcro Strips:  Designed to hold smaller boxed items in place.

E)  A Hidden Cushioned Compartment: To package, store, or place gifts such as, but not limited to  picture frame, jewelry, birthday or keepsake item, anniversary or romantic intimate item, perfume or cologne,chocolates, autograph book, diary, or cards.

F)  Inner Secret Pocket: Used to place or conceal any additional gift or present such as Car Keys, Money, Folded Note / Love Letter, or Ring

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