New! President Obama Collectors Teddy Bearskets For the
2009 Presidential Inauguration

For the first time ever during the month of January 2009, the United States of America will be Celebrating Two Major Occasions within 48 hours.  This Celebration will start on January 19, 2009 Dr. Martin L King’s DayJanuary 20, 2009 President Barack Obama’s 2009 Presidential Inauguration. 

NOW is the best time to collect Commemorative Souvenirs of this Great Historical Event that will be shown around the world.  This is the First time ever that the world will witness Two African Americans being celebrated and honored as One "Having The Dream" & One Representing "Hope of Living the Dream". 

Teddy Bearskets™ & Friends share this Historical Event by presenting a Collectors Series of our patent pending Teddy Bears that features a Concealed CompartmentInner Secret Pocket and Detachable Velcro Backed Buttons to Store and Preserve your Obama Keepsakes in for years to come.


Teddy Gift Bearskets

Teddy Bearskets: A New Patent Pending Alternative for Packaging, Storing and Preserving Gifts, Keepsakes or Collectors Items in a Teddy Bear with a Concealed Compartment, Inner Secret Pocket & Detachable Velcro Backed Buttons.  

Great For:  

Items That Can Be Concealed In Teddy Bearskets

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 New Born Items, Wedding Memories, School Pictures & Autographs, Clothing Garments, Photos, Diaries, Keepsakes, Jewelry, Art & Crafts, Coin or Card Collections, Award Metal & Ribbons, Portable Games or Electronics, Holiday Gifts and more.


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Baby Gift Bearskets

Wedding Gift Bearskets

Occasional Gift Bearskets

MakeYour Own Bearsket


About Teddy Bearsket

Teddy Gift Bearskets™ is a Patent Pending Product that offers a new and unconventional approach compared to giving presents in a Gift Basket, Traditional Box or Bag.  Teddy Gift Bearskets™ uses a unique way for surprising your Love One or Friends with a choice of Multiple Gifts Concealed in a Bearsket™.  Teddy Gift Bearsket™ changes the traditional and conventional way we give gifts by placing a plush toy inside of a gift basket, box or bag.  Our patent pending innovation allows you to now present your Gift Basket or Gift Concealed, Stored or Packaged in a Teddy Gift Bearsket™. 

   They will think Teddy Bearsket™ is an ordinary 16" Teddy Bear, until the Featured Gift is revealed by you.  Teddy Bearskets™ are great for Multiple Occasions including Holidays, Special Occasions, Fundraisers, Ministries, Schools, Hospitals, Corporate Gifts, Groups, Businesses, Organizations, College & Professional Sports Associations.

If you are planning to give a Love One, Friend or Associate; Chocolate, Candy, Jewelry, Perfume, Cologne, Avon, Mary Kay or an Amway Gift, present it packaged inside of a Teddy Bearsket™.


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Baby Gifts

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