Obama Collectors Teddy Bears

President Obama Teddy Bearsket

President Barack Obama Collectors Teddy Bears

(BRAND NEW) This Patent Pending 16” Teddy Bear (from head to sitting position) is the first of its kind.  It Features a 6"H x 5"W x 3"D Cushioned Concealed Compartment within its body to store or package your President Obama Historical Souvenirs.   Great for Obama Buttons, Journals, Photos, Coin Collection and more! 

It also has an 3.5"H x 3"W Inner Secret Pocket for smaller items such as key chains, gift cards, wallet sized photos or jewelry.  

This unique Teddy Bear is the ultimate product for preserving commemorative items and can be used as a family keepsake.

T-Shirt comes with two matching Velcro Backed Buttons for each foot.  Other buttons can be purchased separately.

Introductory Price $39.99



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