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Pesonalized Gift Bearsket








On this page you can individually select one or more items for purchase.  All purchases of a Teddy Bearsket come with Two Free Standard Buttons for Teddy Bearsket’s Feet.

Please view the "Standard Buttons" list toward the end of this page.  You can also personalize individual items with a Photo of  You, a Love One or Friend to be placed on items of your choice.  Upload your own Art Design or Graphic file on this page for placement on Selected Items.

Also listed below for your review are "Sample Font and Text Placement" tables to help you Personalize your items.

Once you have Seclected your items, click the "Add To Cart" button to see your total before checkout.

 Teddy Gift Bearskets

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Baby Gift Bearskets

Baby Gift Bearskets 

Wedding Gift Basket

Wedding Gift Bearskets

Golf Gift Bearsket

Christmas Gift Bearskets 


President Elect Obama Collector's Teddy Bearsket

President Obama Collector's Bearskets


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