Bearsket: President Elect Obama Collector's Bearsket
Bearsket: President Elect Obama Collector's Bearsket
Items Concealed inside of Bearsket.Folded T-Shirt and Items Displayed within Bearsket's Compartment.Button: It's Possible, If You Believe!Button: Together, We Can Soar T-Shirt Design: We Can Change Together as OneProof of Purchase CertificateRecord a 10 sec message, your message doen't erase when batteries are changed.
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We proudly present our Limited Edition of President Elect Barack Obama Collector’s Teddy Bearsket.
We encourage you to partake in collecting one of these Collector’s Bearskets while they are available for a limited time only.

This Soft 16” Sitting Teddy Bearsket (From head to sitting position) is loaded with items to be passed through your Family as a Historical Keepsake.

Everything displayed can be preserved inside of Teddy Bearsket’s Compartment and Inner Secret Pocket.

Items Included:
* Barack Obama T-Shirt; Displaying President Elect Obama as the 44th President in 2008.

* Barack Obama Journal; Use to document priceless phrases or statements said by President Elect Obama.

* 2009-10 Barack Obama Planner; Keep a date list of President Obama’s first two years as President.

* Barack Obama Photo Album; Use for Keepsake pictures of President Obama, Wife and Daughters as our First Family of the United States of America. Holds 24 (4" x 6" Photos).

* Recordable Picture Frame; Record a 10 Second Message for Your Love Ones, expressing your feelings the day you found out that President Obama became the 1st African American President of United States of America.

* (2) Barack Obama Detachable Velcro Backed Buttons; Our New Line of Buttons designed for Teddy Bearsket Feet. Can be replaced with new buttons or placed inside of Bearskets Inner Secret Pocket.

* (2) Barack Obama Pin Backed Buttons; Can be store inside of Teddy Bearsket’s Compartment.

* Barack Obama ; (1) 4x6 Authentic Proof of Purchase Certificate & (1) Wallet Sized Certificate for the Inner Secret Pocket.

Ships in 2 to 5 Business Days.
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