Bearsket™ Teddy Bear
Bearsket™ Teddy Bear
You can place one or more Items inside of Compartment.Close-up of Compartment & Inner Secret Pocket.Use the Inner Secret Pocket for Jewelry, Card Collection, Small Electronic Devices, Folded Letter or Note.Display Your Personalized Photo, Mascot or Slogan on Velcro Backed Buttons for Bearsket's Feet.You can Place Various Types of Gifts inside of Compartment.
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This Irresistible (16”) White Teddy Bearsket™ is an excellent choice to concealed or package your gift in. Teddy Bearsket™ is a great alternative to Gift Baskets by allowing you to conceal, package or store your gift items inside of its Compartment and place a reminder note in its Inner Secret Pocket.

Another unique benefit of having a Bearsket™ is that Your Love One or Friend can keep it as a Personal and Private keepsake or souvenir to remind them of that memorable occasion.

Teddy Bearsket™ has a (6.5"L x 5"W x 3”D) Cushioned Compartment, also a 3 x 3.5” Inner Secret Pocket for jewelry items, keys, letter or memo notes.

Included with Bearsket:
Two Velcro buttons for Bear’s Feet
Choice of (2) 20" x 30" Colored Tissue Sheets for Compartment.
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